Here to Serve!

FBISD embarks on Customer Service training for Employees

Doesn’t it make you feel special when a store clerk or a representative on the phone goes that extra mile to assist you with your needs?  We have all had that experience at various times, and there’s just no substitute for great customer service.    

In an effort to give FBISD employees the tools to be successful in their jobs, our District is conducting Exceptional Service training for all of our employees.  As the largest employer in Fort Bend County, delivering exceptional customer service to all of our customers, both internal and external, is vital to our continued success.   Developing a customer service training program has been a priority of FBISD’s Strategic Plan, and we’re excited that the training has begun and will continue for the next few months as all employees go through the process.

While it’s important to remember we are here to serve our students, our parents and our community, we also want to offer our gratitude to our exceptional employees who are already delivering exceptional service.  In fact, you may see some of their smiling faces on various posters when you visit our campuses or office buildings.  They are our role models! 

As you know, these interactions are a two-way street, so we should all understand that it takes both parties communicating in a mature, respectful manner to resolve any problems.  I hope we can all join in making every interaction a positive and constructive endeavor, as we are all role models for our students. 


Mike McKie
Acting Superintendent