The Real Deal on Meals

National School Lunch Week spotlights Child Nutrition

Did you know the first public program of feeding hungry children began in Germany more than 200 years ago?  It took almost 100 years, but the concept “jumped the pond,” so to speak, and the lunch program slowly spread across the United States.  In 1962, the National School Lunch Week was established, and each year has a specific theme.  This year’s theme is What’s Cooking?

Well, “what’s cooking” in FBISD is our implementation of the new Federal Nutrition Standards for public schools, which are part of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act signed into law in 2010.  As most of you know, the USDA has established new and improved nutrition standards for school menus – the first major change to school meals in more than 15 years.  Our Child Nutrition department has been working hard to ensure that we comply with the new standards and provide our students the healthiest choices possible.  In fact, we’re implementing our changes this school year, a year ahead of when the mandated regulations take effect.

For an informative video about how we can help our students make whole grain choices at school and at home, check out this video!

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We’re also excited about a new on-line meal payment program that the District is piloting at two schools currently.  After the pilot is successfully completed, this on-line payment option for student meals will be made available to all FBISD parents later this school year.

Here are a few fun facts you may not know about our Child Nutrition Services:

  • 46,000 – average number of lunches served each school day
  • 8,500 – average number of breakfasts served each school day
  • 100 – amount of times a recipe has to be prepared with a consistent outcome for it to become a “standardized” recipe
  • 600 – number of Child Nutrition employees servicing all FBISD students and staff
  • 1,000 – approximate amount of after-school and Extended Day snacks served each day


Please visit the Child Nutrition website for more information about our programs, menus and policies.  We are dedicated to providing quality, nutritious food to our students and staff members!


Gail Stotler
Child Nutrition Director